People everywhere are calling for a
fundamental system change.

The big question is HOW? And WHO does it?
Three foundations are essential.

A Whole System, Inspiring Framework

An Organising Methodology

A Programmatic Large-Scale Outcome

“Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society ─ its worldview, its basic values, its social and political structures, its key institutions ─ rearranges itself… Fifty years later, there is a new world, and people born then cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived… We are currently living through such a time.”

– Peter Drucker

The MAGIC Methodology is a Multi-Decade, Decentralized Transition Driven by Youth Champions in Rural Communities

Where successful, the process results in thriving* communities made up of mini-enterprises serving the community, restoring human dignity and regenerating natural resources.

*Thriving means it becomes more appealing for community members to remain in the
community than to leave for the city in search of employment.

An Inspiring Framework

A framework is how we unite in love and concern for our country and all its inhabitants. It starts with the recognition that our personal, collective and planetary health are all interconnected and interdependent.

Our Guiding Principles conclude with a Pledge. Our Pledge is to self-organize for immediate, wise and resilient national action.

Together, our Principles and our Pledge provide the Healing Framework for South Africa. In committing to the Pledge, we join forces with a global network of others committed to Codes for a Healthy Earth.

Collectively, we all commit to working together with grassroots movements, Indigenous peoples, non-governmental organizations, faith-based communities, local, national and international governing bodies, businesses, and financial institutions to restore human dignity and regenerate natural resources.

An Organising Methodology

MAGIC’s core mission is to literally change how South African society works. It’s an, admittedly, ambitious vision, but things are pretty broke for most of us. Rather than ‘creating jobs’ we envision unlocking human passion, potential and entrepreneurship.

Our open source, freely available methodology (nearing completion) transforms the willing but unemployed into a swarm of networked, cooperative micro-enterprises connected through dynamic collaboration, shared services and ecosystem funding.

The fully integrated methodology connects the People, Public and Private sectors, with ecosystemic (ESG-related) market opportunities and lets community members express their entrepreneurial skills creatively, without the constraints of a traditional market economy. The methodology is based on the open source Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations (3EO) framework.

A Programmatic Large-Scale Outcome

The term ‘programmatic,’ at least how we use it, means any long-term and strategic arrangement of individual yet interlinked People-Public-Private Participation Projects aimed at achieving large-scale social and ecological impacts in the community. In short, the focus is on multi-sectoral programs rather than merely individual projects. This philosophy is based on the recognition that project-based activities provide very little leverage to influence sector-wide transformations, while a programmatic approach is more likely to deliver results that benefit a wide range of careholders.

A ‘large-scale outcome’ means an outcome that is beyond the Private or Public sector’s capability to comprehend. For example, neither the Public nor Private sector recognize the urgent need to transform our fuel source from hydrocarbon to carbohydrate energy. This is why MAGIC’s agroecology strategy is on turning biomass into biochar, regenerating the soil and rotating solaris (for fuel), cash crops (for food) and industrial hemp (for hundreds of uses).

With a framework, an organizing methodology and a large scale outcome, what’s stopping us?

That combination built the pyramids and sent a man to the moon.

Rather than protesting and demanding change, South Africans have the chutzpah to make stuff happen.

Let’s get to work!

Ecosystem Funding

At MAGIC, we embrace the tragic failures surrounding us—environmental, social, economic, spiritual and political. We view them as invitations to change the system.

Explore how we use European corporate ESG obligations in ‘developed nations’ to fund an ecosystem in our developing nation.