MAGIC 2030 Energy Vision

Our 2030 energy vision is to reduce South Africa’s dependence on non-renewable hydrocarbons.


Transition from hydrocarbon to carbohydrates

Produce energy by the People, with the People, for the People

Produce solar energy without the use of oil & rare earth minerals

Growing – and Producing -our own Fuel

Before WW1, an industry known as Chemurgy flourished: the science of using plants to power human activities. One hundred years later, we’re reviving the lost art of producing industrial products from agroecology products.

Community-led Micro Enterprises

Instead of relying on the petrochemical industry and centralized electricity generation for our power, local indigenous communities collaborate towards energy sovereignty.

Catalyzing Youth Engagement

We train youth champions in rural communities as energy artisans. From growing to chemistry to processing to distribution, there are many ways to get involved.

Truly Green Power from Wind and Sun

Did you know that each turbine in the average wind farm uses 10 barrels of oil per day when the total amount used in its production and installation is averaged over its productive life? We’ve developed patented technologies that use no rare earth minerals and a fraction of hydrocarbons required for most “renewables.”

Connecting Rural Land to Urban Energy Needs

We help rural communities and faith-based groups leverage their efforts and their land assets. By using their land wisely and consciously, it could very well be possible for South Africa to be the first nation to be powered by carbohydrates.

Committed to the Common Good

Our guiding principle in everything we do is to restore human dignity and regenerate nature. Our energy vision is intentionally and consciously designed to do the same. Unlike “renewable energy.”

Papers & Presentations

Our 2030 Energy Vision is supported by the following documents: