Systemic ESG Solutions

Your invitation to support whole-system Environmental, Social and Governance solutions that make a measurable, verifiable difference in communities across South Africa.

Environmental solutions
Social solutions
Governance solutions

The 1st (and so far only!) systemic ESG solution on the planet.

We’re catalyzing EcoEcoSystemsTM in rural communities across South Africa that restore human dignity and regenerate the environment.

For the People and the Planet. By the People. With the People.

Led by the Youth

Because the youth are the future generation. They have the drive, the passion and the hunger for change. Sometimes all that’s missing is the vision MAGIC brings.

Good Food, Good Mood

Healthy, biodynamic food, produced locally and shared abundantly is the vehicle for shifting a community from dependence to sovereignty.

Partnerships for ThrivAbility

MAGIC is a co-creative collaboration platform driving social cohesion. It’s how the People, Public and Private sectors work together to solve society-level challenges.

Formalising the People Sector

The Private sector has certifications; The Public sector has licensing. So far, the People sector has no equivalent. That’s where MAGIC comes in.


Years in Development


Magicians Nationwide


Local Municipalities Engaged


Projects in Pipeline

Centres of Excellence

Nine disciplines or capabilities to attain and sustain thriveability – all woven together into a programmatic, holistic, integrated, coordinated methodology.


Food production that works in harmony with nature. It is both a mitigation and adaptation strategy for climate change.

Zero Waste

Why not send nothing to a landfill? Reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot eat.

Water Sovereignty

Local custodianship of water resources in the face of increased runoff, changes in rainfall and fluctuations in water purity.

Energy Sovereignty

Powering our lives by the People, for the People.

Ecological Construction

Move over low-cost housing, welcome low-impact, high-comfort housing.

Mobility & Logistics

Localised distribution mechanisms that make sense for people and planet.


Community solutions to addressing crumbling structures and facilities.

Additive Manufacturing

Design Global, Manufacture Local is the new way of using 3D printing to build world-class products in local communities.

Freed Education

Cutting-edge, self-directed learning and inner development tools for a rapidly changing world.

Aligning ESG – from global to local

MAGIC’s world-first systemic ESG solution aligns with international, continental and national mandated policies.

Systemic ESG Solutions - Sustainable Development Goals
Systemic ESG Solutions - Agenda 2063
Systemic ESG Solutions - NDP2030

Our Inspiration

❝If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.❞

Lilla Watson, Murri visual artist, activist and academic.

Lilla Watson

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